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Rath:  the fort; always applied to an earthen fort.

This area was also referred to as "Raghe" in the "Down Survey"

"In the South end of the parish (Abbington), and bounded on the east by Cappanouk; West by Dromeliagh; North by Knoskanerry; and South by Rathwood. Contains 377 acres, which are arable with some limestone. Soil partly light producing potatoes, corn and flax. The proprietor Lord Carbery was it let at will to 38 tenants in farms between 1.5 and 20 acres each. Bog (see Irish Story) used for fuel is very scarce and bought by the tenantry."

Prevailing names; Brien's.

The Census of Ireland - 1841: shows Rath having 102 males, 95 females, for a total of 197, with a total of 29 inhabited houses.

The Census of Ireland - 1851: shows Rath having   61 males, 79 females, for a total of 140, with a total of 21 inhabited houses.

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