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Written by Dennis O'Brien   
Tuesday, 09 October 2012 08:33

Cornelius Individual Facts:

  • Father: William O'Brien
  • Mother: Mary Conway
  • Birth: 05 08 1848 in Abington, Limerick, Ireland; Rath Townland
  • Death: 1935 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Married Ellen (Nellie) Hogan: 18 07 1877 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia; St Patrick's RC Church

Ellen’s Individual facts:

  • Father: Matthew Hogan
  • Mother: Catherine Ryan
  • Birth: 1852 in Tipperary, Ireland
  • Death: 1894 in Cobram, Victoria, Australia

Children of Con and Ellen’s

  1. Mary O'Brien, B: 1879 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia, D: 1879 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia.
  2. Catherine (Kate) Anne O'Brien, B: 1880 in Cobram, Victoria, Australia, D: 1929 in Victoria, Australia, M: Mowbray John Wright, 1911 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
  3. Mary Francis O'Brien, B: 1881, D: 1898.
  4. Amy O'Brien, B: 08 12 1883 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia, D: 04 01 1947 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia; Was professed and entered the Sisters of Mercy, received the habit and took the name Sr M Patricia
  5. Ellen (Nellie) O'Brien, B: 1884, D: 1947 in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.
  6. Annie O'Brien, B: 1886, D: 1886.
  7. Bridget Agnes O'Brien, B: 1887, D: 05 04 1967 in Forbes, New South Wales, Australia, M: David Crowley, 1913 in Cobram, Victoria, Australia.
  8. Lucy O'Brien, B: 1889, D: 1946 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Nth Fitzroy, M: Henry Harrington, 1924.
  9. William Thomas O'Brien, B: 1892 in Katamatite, Victoria, Australia, D: 1936 in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia: William died after suffering TB for many years


Con arrived in Melb on the 21st December 1872 on board the "GREAT BRITAIN" accompanied by his brother John.
Con selected 320 acres of land near Cobram in the same locations as his brothers John and Tom. Con moved his family of six daughters and a son into his brother, John's, home at Boosey" Unfortunately Ellen died when her youngest child was two. Con's elder daughter took over the role of "mother" and looked after the rest of the family. Various members of Con and Ellen's family have moved into country NSW. Con and Ellen lived in a property called "Boosey" where they had six daughters and one son.