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William O'Brien (I) and Mary Conway of Rath (1820's to 1870's)

William O'Brien
•    Father: Thomas O'Brien
•    Mother: Unknown, most likely Mary

William’s Individual Facts:
•    Birth:         Abt. 1800 in Abington, Limerick, Ireland; Rathwood Townland
•    Residence:     1826 in Abington, Limerick, Ireland; Rath Townland
•    Census:     1851 in Abington, Limerick, Ireland; according to the Griffith's Valuation - Townland of Rath - rental farmer 42 acres
•    Burial:         1869 in Cappamore, Limerick, Ireland; Towerhill Cemetery
•    Death:         03.03.1869 in Abington, Limerick, Ireland; Rath Townland
•    Education:     Could read & write
•    Religion:     RC

Marriage to Mary Conway: 21.02.1830 in Limerick, Ireland; Templebredan

Mary’s Individual Facts:
•    Birth:    Abt. 1808 in Limerick, Ireland; Ballytrasna
•    Death:    02 05 1874 in Abington, Limerick, Ireland; Rath Townland
•    Occupation:    Home duties
•    Burial:    Cappamore, Limerick, Ireland; Towerhill Cemetery
•    Education:    Could read & write
•    Religion:    RC

Children of William and Mary:

  1. Catherine O'Brien
  2. Thomas O’Brien, died as infant
  3. Thomas O'Brien, died in early childhood
  4. Mary O'Brien
  5. William O'Brien
  6. Patrick O'Brien
  7. Bridget O'Brien
  8. Thomas O'Brien
  9. Cornelius O'Brien
  10. John O'Brien


The story goes that William was born at the original Obrien farmhouse located in the Townland of "Rathwood", a few 100 meters away from the current 40 acre property of "Rath". It is said that while he and Mary were on their honeymoon, some family and friends started to build a cottage that is the present home at Rath. Apparently the original house was flat roofed, which William considered inappropriate and the current roof was added.

There were others living on the property before William, maybe distant relatives, or maids without children. There was a Benjamin O’Brien also living on the Rath Townland, but his relationship is uncertain.

His name appears on the 1828 "Tithe Notices" as located in Rath, so it is reasonable to presume that He and Mary were married prior to that time.

The 1851 Griffith's valuation shows William living on 40 acres owned by Hon Edward Lawless.

The 1854 rental notes show that the land he and Mary lived on was 40 acres, which is the same size as the current property.

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